When the Mountain meets its Shadow

Cape Town, South Africa
In hardly any other city of the world can poverty and wealth be found as close together.  When The Mountain Meets Its Shadow tells the stories of Ashraf, Mne, Zoliswa and Arnold, who, each in their own way, fight for survival in the informal settlements around Cape Town. While Ashraf and his friend Mne from the Anti Eviction Campaign fight against evictions and water cut-offs in the townships, Zoliswa, a single mother, is looking for a new position as a cleaner and Arnold trains as an armed guard to work in the booming security industry. When the city council wants to clear an entire informal settlement, Ashraf and his friend Mne are confronted with their own, undigested experiences from the apartheid years ...

75min, 60min, 52min / HD / Color 

A.Kleider and D.Michel
Alexander Kleider
Romin Khan
Eckes Malz
Daniela Michel




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